1 July marks the start of the Tax Season 2017 for all tax entities.

The annual Tax Season is when you need to complete and submit an Income Tax Return to SARS.


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What's new? 14 July 2017 - Omission of source code 4582
With the implementation of the Retirement Reform requirements, information code 4582 (remuneration portion of income included under income codes: 3701 Travel Allowance, 3702 Re-imbursive Travel Allowance, 3802/3816 Use of Employer provided Vehicle) and its value were omitted from the submission file created by e@syFile™ Employer. Here is what Employers should do and what Employees should do, click here.

Tips for filing your tax return

  • Obtain your eFiling login name and reset your password now if you have forgotten it.
  • Ensure that your personal information displayed on the tax return is up-to-date.
  • All banking details must be correct.
  • Have all the supporting documents ready:

    • Proof of income such as: 
      • IRP5/IT3(a) from your employer or pension fund
      • Tax certificates for investment income IT3(b)
      • Tax Free Investments certificate(s) IT3(s)
      • Financial statements (e.g. for business income), etc. 

    • Proof of deductions such as:
      • Medical scheme contributions certificates and receipts
      • Completed confirmation of diagnosis of disability form (ITR-DD) if you want to claim any disability expenses
      • Retirement annuity fund contributions certificates
      • Travel logbook (if you receive a travel allowance or use a company car), etc.

For more information on uploading supporting documents to eFiling, click here.

Top tip: Take your ID book, passport or driving licence with you if you visit a branch to submit your return.